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Mastering the art of French cooking one dish at a time

Much ado about mushrooms

Known as ‘the king of chefs and chef of kings’, culinary legend Auguste Escoffier named his mushroom soup in honour of Agn├Ęs Sorel, the favourite of King Charles VII and France’s first officially recognised royal mistress. Charles was so besotted with Sorel that in 1443 he held a joust in her honour in Nancy, duringContinue reading “Much ado about mushrooms”

Sexy bisque

There are some dishes that are worth the extra effort, and prawn bisque is one of them. No matter how good you get at making it, you can’t cut corners with this soup, so save it for special occasions and serve it to people you want to impress. While the soup was originally made withContinue reading “Sexy bisque”

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